Top 10: Things That We Put Off

10) Christmas shopping. The Internet may mean I don’t need to get into a fistfight for the last Tickle-Me-Elmo at the mall anymore, but that hasn’t stopped me from ordering my presents on December 23rd. It’s an adrenaline thing, you know?

9) Leaving home. It’s just really hard to get motivated to get your own place when you’re living the dream in your parents’ house. Playstation 3 set up in the basement, Little Caesar’s delivers, and all the bills are paid - some might say this is paradise!

8)Visiting the dentist. Yes, nobody likes to have the “well if you know you should be flossing, then why aren’t you?” conversation with your dentist. Or the awkward one where you tell her you HAVE been flossing, and she just looks at you and she knows that you lied. But it certainly beats having the “oh, no, when did all your teeth fall out? Actually, I’m sorry, I just remembered I have a thing I have to go to” conversation with everyone else.

7) Growing up. One of my friends has a two-year-old son and recently lamented on Facebook that her child has discovered the inherent humor of his body’s, shall we say, excretory functions. She asked all of us when she might expect her son to grow out of this phase. I didn’t have the heart to tell her.

6) Exercise. Who can possibly get motivated to get off the couch and go for a run when the Travel Channel is doing a marathon of “Man vs. Food” episodes? If you thought it was entertaining watching that guy eat a ton of food in Charlotte, wait ‘til you see him eating a ton of food in San Diego!

5) Eating better. It takes a lot of willpower to get out of the habit of waking up in the morning by frying a few strips of bacon and then wrapping them around a stick of butter. Every day we swear we’re going to switch to margarine tomorrow…

4) Walking the dog. Because it’s too cold out (winter time in Chicago), and surely the toilet can’t be THAT hard to figure out.

3) Visiting the doctor. How likely are you to put off your annual physical exam, on a scale of one to last-time-I-went-Ronald-Reagan-was-still-President?

2) Taking that trip to Paradise Falls. If you haven’t seen the movie “Up”, at least watch the first ten minutes, and then think about the adventures you’ve been waiting to have and try not to cry. Heck, I cry every time I see it and I’m the manliest man that ever manned.

1) Signing up for HuliHealth. People who let their health become the last thing they worry about will eventually find that their health has become the only thing they worry about. Sign up for HuliHealth today and get ready to achieve your best state of health.

by Adam Moses

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