“The Top Ten Things to Know About Costa Rica”

At HuliHealth we understand that there is more to Costa Rica than high quality healthcare so we talked to our friends at AnywhereCostaRica and they provided “The Top Ten Things to Know About Costa Rica”.

 1.     Costa Rica is widely recognized for its nature, but the locals here are equally amazing. Known as ticos, native Costa Ricans have a reputation for being friendly and approachable. 

  1. Over 30 percent of the Costa Rican territory is marked for conservation. This includes national parks, wildlife refuges, and private reserves.

 3.     Costa Rica abolished its military in 1949. It is a peaceful and neutral country that does not take sides in wars or conflicts.

 4.     Costa Rica has a winding road system. Sometimes this means slow-going travel, but it also allows for extensive exploration and access to lesser-known outdoor areas.

 5.     There are six active volcanoes and over 60 dormant volcanoes in Costa Rica.

 6.     The Costa Rican catch phrase is pura vida. Translated literally, this means “pure life.” It’s used in hellos and goodbyes and implies good feelings about life or relationships.

 7.     No immunizations are necessary to visit Costa Rica.

 8.     Costa Rica has a burgeoning medical tourism industry. Travelers from around the globe come here for dental procedures and specialty surgeries. The doctors and facilities are top-notch.

 9.     Costa Rica is home to around 5 percent of all of the planet’s species. The Osa Peninsula alone holds about 2 percent.

 10. Costa Rica’s terrain is incredibly diverse. It includes mountains, volcanoes, wetlands, rivers, beaches, islands, and oceans.