What is Medical Travel?

Simply put, medical travel is the practice of traveling outside of one’s country of residence, specifically for the purpose of attaining medical treatment.  Due to an inability to get the necessary treatment at home, people proceed to seek it out abroad.  Global inefficiencies, whether they’re manifest in the form of cost, timeliness, quality, technology, etc. all help drive the growth of the burgeoning medical travel space.  While this practice of receiving treatment abroad is relatively new for people traveling from the US, for people traveling to the US and internationally, medical travel has been adopted more widely and has proven to be an equalizer in gaining access to healthcare.  Despite the current challenges posed in seeking international healthcare and connecting with a doctor abroad, some of which I touched on in my Awkward Landing post, medical travel is rapidly growing as a solution to nations’ respective inefficiencies in the healthcare industry.  Whether you’re finding your best healthcare solution across the street or across the ocean, the ultimate goal of attaining your best state of health and wellness remains the same.  So here I’ve given you the “what,” but what about the “why” and the “how?”  The “why” I will elaborate on in more detail in an upcoming post, and as for the “how,” providing the best version of that is what our team is eating, sleeping, and breathing in preparation for our launch.  Until next time…

by Ellery Bledsoe


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