We're in it to Change the World! - The HuliHealth Manifesto

When I left my well-paid job in the financial services industry approximately 5 months ago to create HuliHealth, more than a few of my ex-coworkers thought I had lost my marbles.  Many of them couldn’t believe that I would leave all that money behind, and pay myself a whopping $0 salary, to create a “medical travel” company.  In a failed attempt to get a bit of their acceptance, I even broke out my “banker speak”: disruptive technology; large, growing industry; robust margins; scalability; etc.  The true reason, however, the one I never spoke out loud for fear of getting even more blank stares, was the fact that I wanted to make a positive impact in the world.

Right about now you might be asking yourself, how on earth can a “medical travel” company make a positive impact in the world?  Although I do think medical travel companies provide valuable services to many folks around the world, let me be clear, HuliHealth is not just a medical travel company.  We are also not just a doctor listing company, or even an internet doctor appointment booking company.  HuliHealth’s objective is to help you to obtain the best possible medical treatment – based on your own personal criteria – wherever that may be; in your same city or even in another country.  In short, our goal is to connect any person to any doctor in the world, while creating transparency around quality and cost in the global healthcare industry.

One of the biggest problems EVERY country in the world faces is the lack of transparency in healthcare, particularly as it pertains to quality and costs.  Why does the cost of healthcare differ so much between countries? Why does it differ between states or even cities?  Worse yet, why does it differ at the same exact hospital when two different people come knocking at the door?  Additionally, how does a person find a good doctor at home or abroad?  What are the qualities that make a good doctor?  As we attempt to connect people and doctors throughout the world, we aim to bring clarity to these exact questions.

All of us at HuliHealth passionately believe in bringing transparency and efficiency to the global healthcare industry.  In fact, the team believes in the mission to the point that the overwhelming majority of us are not receiving a salary.  And no, we are not naively altruistic; we think HuliHealth can have a positive impact on society AND also be a profitable company.

I don’t know why it took me so long to voice my aspirations when I left my last job.  Maybe I was afraid of being perceived as naïve, who knows?  Nevertheless, today, we unapologetically, unabashedly, will tell everyone that is willing to listen:  we are attempting to radically transform the healthcare services industry, not only in the US, but all over the world.

by Alejandro Vega