The Top Ten things to Love About HuliHealth…

10) In the confusing world of health care, HuliHealth makes finding a doctor or a dentist simple.  Tell us what you need: we’ll tell you about doctors who can do it, how much they’ll do it for, how good the doctors are, and when you can come in.  Considering the confusing things we encounter in our daily lives – from TVs with five remotes to buffet-style restaurants with unclear procedure – it’s nice to have something simple!

9) The name.  Say it a couple of times.  “HuliHealth.”  Sounds pretty great, right?  Now say it five times fast.  Now try “How many boards could the Mongols hoard if the Mongol hordes got bored?”

8 ) The international connections.  HuliHealth has connections to doctors on two continents so far, with plans to expand to the other four in the not-too-distant future.  Plans on expanding to the seventh continent have been tabled indefinitely until penguins learn to use computers (soon, I hope!!), but wherever else you are in the world, we want to serve you!

7) Pricing.  When’s the last time you went into a medical appointment with a good idea of how much it was going to cost?  Would never be a fair estimate?  At HuliHealth, all of our medical professionals provide cost estimates for all of their procedures.  Go ahead and ask a non-Huli doctor or dentist to estimate the price before your next appointment – just be ready to leave disappointed.  We’ll be here when you come back!

6) HuliHealth is not the “Air Bud” series about a dog that learns to play sports.  After HuliHealth becomes a worldwide phenomenon, we hereby promise never to release a series of ill-advised direct-to-video sequels to HuliHealth, such as “HuliHealth: Golden Receiver” or “HuliHealth: Seventh Inning Fetch”.  You’re welcome, everyone.

5) HuliHealth gets better every day.  We’re adding more medical professionals, getting more reviews, booking more appointments… we just keep growing, like the Blob.  If the Blob weren’t evil and determined to devour the planet.  So.  Let’s lose that Blob imagery, actually.  We’re getting bigger and better every day, though.

4) The world presence of the HuliHealth team.  We’ve stationed ourselves all over the world to enhance our ability to serve you with international medical travel – we’ve got an American stationed in Costa Rica, a Panamanian in Switzerland, a Brit living in Taiwan - we even have a Texan living in Chicago, for goodness’ sake.

3) The ease of booking an appointment with our doctors.  Once you’ve found the doctor you like, it’s a simple matter of clicking and booking, and the doctor will return to you shortly to confirm.  It takes more effort to get a group of three people to agree on a pizza topping.

2) Our patient community.  No longer do you have to pick a doctor at random out of the phone book.  (Also, stop using a phone book!  It’s not 1958.)  Our patient community leaves thorough, detailed reviews to help you with your choice, and many of our patients can be contacted to discuss their experiences in greater detail.

1) HuliHealth – plain and simple – gives you the information you need to make an informed choice with your health.  Whether you are a medical traveler, an expat, or a local, HuliHealth can simplify your life. And that’s really something to love.

By Adam Moses