The Roster 2.0

An update is in order.  We've added some new team members here in Chicago as well as in Europe and Asia.  Check out our squad.

Alejandro Vega (Chicago, IL)
Education: Wharton, MBA; University of Pennsylvania (Lauder Institute) MA; Louisiana State University, BS Industrial Engineering
Why HuliHealth?
Simply put, I want to make the world a better place. And in order to make a global impact, I knew I had to focus on a global problem.  One of the areas in which I felt I could have the biggest impact was in healthcare. What most people don’t realize is that – while their own country has its specific healthcare challenges – ALL countries face a universal challenge: lack of transparency in healthcare quality and cost.

Gabriel Perez (Lausanne, Switzerland) Education: Wharton, MBA; University of Pennsylvania (Lauder Institute) MA; University of Maryland, BS Finance & International Business Why HuliHealth? I feel very passionate about the prospect of transforming the global healthcare industry so that thousands of people can have the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives.  At HuliHealth, everyone has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the team exudes creativity and passion in every single thing we do. Who does not want to work in an environment that challenges your neurons and nourishes your soul?

David Chao (An Englishman living in Taiwan) Education: Wharton, MBA; University of Pennsylvania (Lauder Institute) MA; University of Oxford, BA Economics & Management Why HuliHealth? As an entrepreneur, I can't think of a more meaningful opportunity to change the world for the better than through addressing one of society's key problems: how to improve the quality of care that patients receive whilst managing the cost of doing so. I joined HuliHealth so that I can be part of building that solution by empowering those seeking better healthcare at a lower cost and by supporting healthcare practitioners in reaching the global audience that their talents deserve. Also, I wanted to find out what Lady Gaga really means when she sings 'Ale- Ale-jandro Ale- Ale-jandro'.

Ellery Bledsoe (Chicago,IL) Education: Chicago Booth, MBA; Georgetown University, BA Economics & English Why HuliHealth? About a month before joining HuliHealth, I tore a couple of ligaments in my shoulder during Tuesday night soccer, resulting in a complete separation of my acromioclavicular (AC) joint.  After politely declining a teammate’s offer to reset my shoulder (good thing considering I found out about an hour later that it wasn’t dislocated) and gaining some clarity amidst the pain, one of my first thoughts was that I didn’t have insurance.  This situation showed me first-hand one of the many predicaments that people face in making healthcare decisions.  The opportunity to bring a broader array of healthcare options to the table by facilitating patient-to-doctor connections on a global scale is what brought me to HuliHealth.

Randall West (Chicago,IL) Education: University of Chicago, BA Economics; Roosevelt University, MM Music Composition Why HuliHealth? I love product development as a creative process. At HuliHealth we’re solving very real problems for people… “How do I find the most qualified doctors here or overseas?”… “How do I communicate important medical information to practitioners before treatment?”  In order to solve these problems we face great challenges but also great creative opportunity.  I feel lucky to have the privilege to work with a fantastic team to meet those challenges and create meaningful experiences for our customers.

Anthony Morano (Chicago,IL) Education: Goizueta Business School - Emory University, BBA Why HuliHealth? My entrepreneurial spirit, mixed with my aspiration to help those in need, led me this unique opportunity to change the world. International Healthcare needs reform.  Joining a group of bright, capable individuals with these aligned interests will create my Gandhi opportunity to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mithalesh Kumar (Chicago,IL) Education: National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India, BTech Mining Engineering Why HuliHealth? As I’ve watched the career trajectories of many of my friends who have entered different types of jobs, I have formulated four principles for ambitious young job seekers like me:

  1. Take a job where you are a decision-maker
  2. Find true meritocracy, independent of age
  3. Do something you love with colleagues you admire
  4. Gain knowledge from the top players in the business

After joining HuliHealth, I could see all of my principles in one place. Not only am I the owner of my work, but I can pitch in my ideas for company strategies. The HuliHealth environment is like a crash course in business and life.

Andrew Krumtinger (Chicago,IL) Education: Roosevelt University, Integrated Marketing Communications Why HuliHealth? I came to HuliHealth looking to get my feet wet and found myself in over my head in a good way. It’s rare you get in on the ground floor of something that could stir up a whole industry. I am driven day in and day out at work by a great group of co-workers and start-up culture. Everyone has an equal voice at HuliHealth, something I have come to love. HuliHealth has taught me to be quick on my feet and ready to take on a new task at a moment's notice.

Crystal Osejo (Chicago, IL) Education: Louisiana State University, BS Industrial Engineering Why HuliHealth? There's a big difference between following a set of given rules or standards and actually creating new ones from scratch. I couldn't picture a better team than the one HuliHealth has to offer to create the best approach for a whole new set of innovative ideas in the healthcare space and making all of them prosper. We aren't following a given path to success; instead, we’re choosing to create our own.

Tatiana Mitroi (Lausanne, Switzerland) Education: ESADE Business School Spain, MBA; Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, BA Economics Why HuliHealth? It was HuliHealth’s cause that blew my mind. I realized immediately how much value HuliHealth can bring to people all around the world and to the healthcare system in general, and I wanted to contribute to this and to make it happen. Then I realized the great learning opportunities offered by HuliHealth, not to mention the joy and benefits of working in an environment with open, smart, passionate, collaborative, and highly professional colleagues.

Adam Moses (Chicago, IL) Education: University of Texas School of Law, JD; Northwestern University, BA Economics Why HuliHealth? For me, the chance to work at HuliHealth represents the rare opportunity to contribute to a company that is striving for positive social change.  I’ve always been an advocate for improving access to healthcare, and HuliHealth has the potential to contribute a great deal towards the achievement of that goal.  I’m excited to be putting my legal talents towards the HuliHealth mission.