The "Perfect" Website?

We are currently in the initial stages of testing our website and things are definitely starting to come together.  In very basic terms, our product strategy is to do the following:

1) launch a “minimum viable product” website that only a few patients/doctors can see 2) learn and improve 3) launch a slightly less minimal website that is open to the public 4) learn and improve 5) repeat cycle

For those who aren’t familiar with the term minimum viable product, the basic concept describes a product which has the least amount of features necessary to solve the customer’s need.

Our plan has always been to launch a prototype of our website as quickly as possible. But why would we launch an “imperfect” website? 90% of startup companies fail because they run out of resources (time or money) before they figure out what customers really need. Their biggest mistake is taking too much time to create the “perfect” product based on assumptions that have never been fully tested by real customers. By the time the startup realizes that they need to make changes to the product, it is simply too late.

Although we have designed our website around patient/doctor feedback, we know that our website will not be perfect from day one. Therefore, our goal is to learn (and improve) as quickly as we can to ensure that we achieve the “perfect” website before our money runs out. We are extremely excited and are looking forward to sharing the website with all of you in the coming weeks/months. Any and all feedback (upon website launch and in the future) is much appreciated!

PS: I’m not sure if any of you have ever built a website. Although fun, it is definitely a lot more difficult than I ever imagined!

by Alejandro Vega