Restaurant vs Doctor - which will win?

What’s more important to you?  Finding a good restaurant for an evening, or finding a good doctor to take care of the body you carry around your entire life?  Do you feel like the previous question was slanted a little bit so as to make you arrive at the answer I wanted?  Well, too bad.  I did that on purpose because whether you realize it or not, you may well be putting more time into picking a restaurant than a doctor.

Think about the options you have when you’re trying to decide whether you want to visit a new restaurant.  You might ask around the office to see if anybody’s been, and ask them what they tried off the menu.  Maybe you’ll consult your local newspaper, assuming your locality still has a newspaper, to see what their food critic has to say.  If you’re not sold yet, you can always log onto the internet tubes to see how the restaurant’s doing on Yelp – an entire community of eager foodies willing to rate that new restaurant on everything from the food to the décor to the lilt in a waiter’s voice.  With a relatively low-pressure decision like where to get a bowl of pasta, we have so many options for information that making an ill-informed choice is nearly impossible.

Yet when you need to choose a doctor, what are your options?  You can ask your friends whom they visit – but you’re fairly unlikely to get multiple opinions on the same doctor (particularly if you need a procedure none of your friends have ever needed!).  You can stick with the same family friend you’ve been going to for years – but if you stop and think about it, what do you really know about that doctor and his/her credentials, anyway?  You can try to look for information online – but current doctor rating sites generate recommendations based on proprietary formulas that likely won’t be particularly helpful to you.  So where do you turn for reliable information to make this important decision?

This is why I love HuliHealth – beyond all the idealism about transparency in the world of healthcare, our company is creating a solution that works to fix a real problem (as a former economics major and current attorney, I am well-qualified to ignore idealism in favor of practicality).  Finding a good doctor shouldn’t be harder than finding a good restaurant.  All the information you need about your doctor should be in front of your eyes.  Your doctor’s credentials.  An easy way to contact the office before booking to get your questions answered.  Reviews from previous patients, covering everything from bedside manner to expertise.  Everything you need!

Don’t get me wrong – I love finding a great new restaurant as much as anybody.  But if I choose a restaurant based on incomplete information, I’m only annoyed for one day.  If I choose a doctor based on incomplete information, I could be in much bigger trouble.  Don’t let that happen just because that’s how you’ve always done it.  Take a look at HuliHealth today and find the information you need to make the smart choice with your health.

by Adam Moses

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