Our Journey Has Begun!

As many of you know, the working prototype of our website (beta.hulihealth.com) has been up for a bit over a month and half. Over this period we’ve been able to accomplish (and learn) a great deal.

Last month, we began our journey with a group of dentists from Costa Rica. Since then, we’ve also added dentists in Panama and health checkups in Taiwan. All of these health practitioners are part of our “pilot program” and they have been extremely helpful in providing recommendations on how to improve our website. We’ll hold steady with a small group of practitioners until we feel that our website has achieved the right product/market fit. After that, our goal is to identify the optimal specialties in each of our pilot countries and focus on recruiting doctors. Thanks to vetting from our doctor advisory board, we’ll make sure to add the top doctors in each of our pilot countries.

In addition to all of the help from our pilot doctors, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from our patients. We’ve already begun implementing many of these recommendations and our goal is to roll out new features every 2 weeks or so. (more info on these features to come in future blog posts!)

Our journey has just begun and we have a very long way to get to achieve our goal of transforming global healthcare by giving consumers the power of informed choice. We want to thank all of you for being with us in this journey!

Sincerely, Alejandro

PS. As always, please send any advice and suggestions my way at alejandro.vega@hulihealth.com