Our Baby is Born!

Hello everyone!

The HuliHealth beta version of the website is officially up and running!!!! Please go to beta.hulihealth.com (do not use “www.” in front of the url) and take a look at our beautiful baby! ;)

As I had mentioned in previous posts, our goal is to get the “minimum viable product” (i.e., a working prototype of our website) out the door as quickly as possible. Over the next few months, our goal is to learn through customer feedback and to improve our website. Once we have made all the necessary changes (based on user feedback and not our own assumptions), our goal is simple: grow like crazy!!!

The journey has just begun and we’re looking forward to making 2012 a great year for learning. If you happen to take a look at our beta site and would like to provide feedback, please send me a note at alejandro.vega@hulihealth.com. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Sincerely, Alejandro