My first day at the new HuliHealth Office in Costa Rica!

This is my first day at the new HuliHealth Office in Costa Rica! After my 12 hour flight from Europe, it was nice to see the amazing progress we have done so far in the “Switzerland of the Americas.” The smell of fresh paint and the poster of Yoda in the wall are definite signs that the force is with us!

Excitement is in the air as we are getting close to full launch. Alejandro spends a lot of time on the phone with doctors interested in joining our network as our CRM database is reaching maximum capacity. Tony is busy testing the website like there is no tomorrow and coming up with creative new ways to improve the system. Our Drupal genius, Kennt, is fixing a few bugs and implementing very cool changes to the system. Can’t wait to see our baby in action!

Work is intense and our coffee intake increases as the day goes by! Roberto is working on the expansion strategy in Panama and has set doctor meetings for next week!  Luckily for Roberto, his business cards just arrived… another fine example that “Kanban” scheduling really works.

Aside from our 1980’s couch you can find digital cameras, a projector, a tripod and a couple of nice looking laptops. There is a good reason for this! Our friend Andy from the Chicago office is also visiting, always looking sharp with his high tech gadgets. Costa Rican doctors better get nice haircuts because Andy will be taking pictures of them soon for their HuliHealth profile.

As for me, I just spent an hour staring at the amazing results from our Google ads campaign. We had great leads which fuels our passion to continue working on this great journey. But I have to admit, the highlight of the day was a patient who contacted us via email and needed to find a doctor in a specialty we are yet to offer in our website. True to our values, we started to reach out to our doctor network in Costa Rica to help this person. I guess the team is not afraid of walking the talk! Well, I gotta go now, time for a team beer to end the day and this was only day one….. I wonder what day 2 will bring!!!

By Gabriel Perez