Misconceptions about Medical Travel (Part I)

Though travel maybe one of the last things on your mind when you are in need of a medical procedure, there are several statistics that make a compelling argument stating the contrary. Raising costs for routine check-ups, dental care, and cosmetic surgery in developed countries (particularly the US and Western Europe), have forced many people to seek medical treatments elsewhere.

The migration towards more economic alternatives has created a thriving industry of medical tourism which is increasing globally at an astonishing rate every year. Though medical travel is not for everyone, the potential benefits are undeniable: high quality care and low cost just to mention a few.

Before a medical traveler decides to go abroad, she needs to be 100% confident of her decision. As HuliHealth is opening up the world of medical care globally, we have identified many misconceptions about medical travel which include:

  • Foreign Medical Professionals are not as qualified or have less training
  • Foreign Hospital / Clinics to do have the proper equipment
  • Foreign Doctors do not speak English or your native tongue
  • Materials used by foreign physicians are of less quality
  • Travel costs will account for more than any savings incurred
In HuliHealth, one of our goals is to provide patients with transparent and useful information so they are able to choose the right doctor for them. We believe that people who are thinking about traveling for medical purposes must take into consideration all the facts and resources available so that they can make their own personal decision. In the next few weeks, we are going to be addressing these issues in our blog. Stay posted and don’t forget to share your views and experiences with the HuliHealth Community.

By Andrew Schemmel and Gabriel Perez