Hulicow! Where does the name HuliHealth come from?

Whenever we talk to patients, doctors, and investors, we always get the same question: “Where does the name HuliHealth come from?”  Although there are many tales and rumors about the origin of such a cool name, let us share the real story!

When we asked ourselves “What word reflects our vision to transform global healthcare by helping people find the doctors that best fits their needs?”, we simply couldn’t come up with anything we liked.  Luckily, when Alejandro was on his honeymoon in Hawaii, he came across the Hawaiian word “huli”! Not only is the word catchy, but more importantly “huli” means both “to flip over” and “seeking”.  Hulicow, the epiphany occurred! By making the doctor selection process more efficient and transparent we intend to flip over the global healthcare industry for those seeking health.  We put together “Huli” and “Health” to form HuliHealth and that’s how the story goes! Would HuliHealth by any other name sound as sweet?

Now that you know the origin of our name, we invite you to join us in the journey to bring informed healthcare options to the world! If you have not done so already, please check out our beta site and “like” us on Facebook to be updated on more fun facts!

By Gabriel Perez and Anthony Morano