My First Trip to Costa Rica with HuliHealth!

I have had the travel itch for years now, but like many other people my funds kept me at bay. If I could travel the world with just my camera for the rest of my life, I would die a happy man, but realistically that just isn’t going to happen. Two months ago, I was given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and shoot interviews with our growing community of dentists and doctors being added to the HuliHealth site. I didn’t have to be asked twice, I was at the post office the next day applying for my passport.

Traveling abroad for the first time left me with a lot of questions, “What was customs going to say about all my camera equipment?”, “How was I going to explain anything without knowing any Spanish other than el baño?”, “How was a pale Irish kid going to fit into Costa Rica?”. Fortunately, customs was a breeze, most Costa Ricans were able to accommodate me in English, and didn’t hold my fair complexion against me.

Working from Chicago, I am constantly seeing the doctor’s pictures and profiles on our site while reviewing different design changes. Until my trip, I had never gotten to actually speak to our doctors in person. To meet the doctor behind the thumbnail was such an enjoyable experience. These doctors were some of the most down to earth and passionate individuals. They took pride in their work and more importantly their patients.

Let’s not forget the main draw to Costa Rica, the sites! The culture and scenery in Costa Rica is unparallel to anywhere I have traveled to in the U.S. I was fortunate enough to travel to Puerto Viejo, a small town on the Caribbean coast not far from the Panama border. I leave you with a video of my trip to Costa Rica and Puerto Veo that says a lot more than what I could probably cover in this post!

Next stop......Panama!!!!

By Andrew Krumtinger