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When asked, "What should I do while I am in Costa Rica?" I used to recommended my personal favorites (TRITS Ice Cream and Puerto Viejo). However, after meeting with the Anywhere Costa Rica Team I now have a much more efficient answer: The team truly cares about personalizing your trip so that all of your goals, preferences, and needs are met.  Read on to see why they are the best...

AnyWhere Costa Rica:


We started Anywhere Costa Rica as a way to offer travelers a comprehensive resource on all things Costa Rica. At the time of our inception, we saw other travel agencies ushering visitors to just a handful of places and not providing any kind of cultural education. We believe that what makes Costa Rica unique is the warmth of its culture and the abundance of nature. To this end, we developed a business model that highlights these strengths. Anywhere Costa Rica provides visitors with high-quality, in-depth information on every aspect of the country. By doing so, travelers can choose trips that truly match their interests.

Costa Ricans are proud of their country and many depend on tourism services to make a living. We work with all types of tourism providers—from small family-run hotels to resort-style properties. This not only spreads around the positive effects of tourism, but it also gives travelers options. You can stay at an eco-lodge in the rainforest or post up at a 4-star resort on the beach. You might raft down a whitewater river or explore coastal wetlands on kayak. The choice is always yours. 

By offering up-to-date information on Costa Rica, we provide travelers with a transparent and authentic perspective on the country.  We don’t promote things that people don’t want or hype places that don’t deserve the praise. We tell travelers about activities that they might enjoy and are honest about places that don’t match their needs.

 The staff at Anywhere Costa Rica is a repository of local knowledge. Our travel experts are available every day of the year and can be reached by email, chat, and phone. This combination of knowledge and availability makes the travel process easy and efficient. Just tell us what you want to do, the budget range you’re in, and how long you can travel for. We’ll use this information to craft a custom trip to Costa Rica for you.

Check out the Anywhere Costa Rica Team:


Now you can come to Costa Rica via "your style"!


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